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Anobii Mobile App for iPhone and Android
With the new Anobii Android and iPhone app, you can not only add books quickly to your shelf by scanning the Isbn code (printed on the cover of most books), but you can also do much more: follow all activities by the entire community in real time, search books in the entire Anobii database (millions of books!), have conversations in groups and in discussions, write reviews to your books and comment on others' reviews, send and receive private messages to and from your Anobiian friends and compile your wish list, the list of books you want to read.
Let's face it, all this is extremely convenient and will make Anobii available anywhere and at any time (with you being accused of anti-social behaviour).
Surprise your friends! Surprise the opinion makers! Use your smartphone to make your passionate love for reading richer, more social and more exciting!
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